Data Extraction Templates

Automate Data Extraction and Data Transformation

Boost your Data with Extraction Templates

Templates essentially consist of groups of responses and transformations saved to reuse later for simulations or physical tests.

Built-in templates support extraction, transformation and storage of information with zero human intervention making it easier and faster to derive what you need from your experiments. 

Define Your Template

Choose from over 30 master templates or upload a pre-existing one.

You can also build your own using responses from your processed simulations or uploaded physical tests.

Apply Your Template

Our data extraction tools makes it easy to apply templates to your simulations and physical tests.

Set conditions for your templates which automate the process even further making data transformation process faster.

Even apply templates before downloading physical tests to shorten the process even more.

Manage Your Template

Utilize simple template configuration tools to customize and develop your templates even further. Manage aspects such as sensors, definitions and extraction orders to keep templates catered to your extraction needs.

Contact us to learn more about our Code-Less Data Extraction Templates.