Contact Thickness in Single Surface Contact

Single surface contacts have dramatically eased the way we currently model the contact-impact treatment for complicated simulation models in LS-DYNA. One of the important considerations is the final thickness used by contact algorithms especially for shell elements. By default, LS-DYNA considers the minimum of thickness specified in the *SECTION_SHELL or from *ELEMENT_SHELL_THICKNESS and the 40%…

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Contact Modeling in LS-DYNA

This 4 part article, orignally published in the FEAINFORMATION newsletter between August and December 2001, can be downloaded here: Contact Modeling.pdf

September 15, 2006 | by

One-Way and Two-Way Contact Definitions

This post will give you a brief summary of one-way and two-way contact definitions. The one-way/two-way refers to the treatment of slave nodes impacting the master segments. One-Way Contacts One-way was one of the first implementations in contact treatment and was done so such that it is computationally efficient. In the one-way contact treatment, the…

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