Design Optimization solutions in d3VIEW for LS-DYNA

DOE, Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization

d3VIEW provides extensive capabilities to help in running large-scale design-of-experiments, sensitivity analysis and optimization for LS-DYNA simulations.

With built-in extractors for BINOUT/D3PLOT/D3HSP/EIGOUT/D3EIGV, all necessary data can be extracted in parallel and aggregated. With d3VIEW’s-ML capability that now includes regression and classification, models can be built, from the extracted data and explored further to find the the optimum values. Below are a list of supported capabilities and applications

Current Capabilities 

Workflow driven HPC Job Submission to submit, extract, analyze and report

With multiple connection types available, you can connect to on-premise, AWS, AZURE, OCI clusters

Intermediate Preview of Results

You can preview intermediate results as the simulation is progressing to view results from GLSTAT/D3PLOT/BINOUT 

Extract results and aggregate from the simulations

Extract results in parallel and aggregate data from BINOUT/D3PLOT/D3HSP

Build model using d3VIEW-ML


Reporting and Sharing

Export PPT, PDF, or share a HTTP link to the results with no data-transfer

Example Applications

Material calibration

Run uni-axial, shear, notch to determine the optimal failure and damage cards for *MAT_ADD_EROSION for metals. Use similar technique for foams, rubber and thermoplastics

Airbag leakage optimization

Run a design of experiment to build a model and optimize the best leakage coefficients for Airbags

Pedestrian protection HIC optimization

Run a full-sweep of simulations, identify opportunity target points, and optimize them to improve overall score

Design Sensitivity for material and thickness selection for large-scale front-impact simulations

Run early stage models, to select optimum material grades and thicknesses for critical parts

Joining calibration and selection

Select joining methods for large scale impact simulations


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